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On December 12, a remote presentation competition dedicated to the anniversary of Novokuznetsk was held. The competition involved the presentation of works on geography, economics, literature and the history of the city. I was pleased with the interest of 6-7 graders in the history of Novokuznetsk.

The work of Mikhail Fliginsky (MN BOU "Lyceum №76") can serve as an advertising brochure for guests of our city.

Alina Filatyeva (MBOU number 31) had an interesting idea.

Maxim Sokolov from school # 33 presented two works at once: on history and on literature.

Unfortunately, not a single presentation was devoted to either geography or economics. 67% of the works submitted for the competition, whose supervisors were, including teachers of geography and literature, were devoted to the history of the city.

I would like to appeal to the teachers under whose guidance the competitive works were carried out. Any material taken from the Internet (photographs, text, symbol, etc.), necessarily requires a link (not to be confused with a hyperlink)! Otherwise, intellectual property rights are violated. It is necessary to carefully check the work (on one of the title pages there is a spelling error, on the other the gender and initials of the head are incorrectly indicated, in one work the content does not correspond to the declared topic, the logic of the presentation of the material is not always present). If you prepared this presentation to participate in several competitions at once, then you need to make adjustments in accordance with the requirements specified in the Regulations.

Results of the competition

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

1st place Sokolov Maxim MBO School No. 33, head Koveshnikova Tatyana Nikolaevna

2nd place Kanifatova Tatyana MBOU secondary school number 31, head Shabalina Tatyana Aleksandrovna

3rd place Kabilov Amir MBOU Secondary School No. 93 Shvetsova Anzhelika Stepanovna Fliginsky Mikhail MNBOU "Lyceum No. 76", Head of Lilia Ilyasovna Fliginskaya

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